User Interface Design
From Conception to Completion, we focus on all aspects of managing a web project. Whether it’s designing the logo or providing a theme for your website, we use our years of experience and cutting-edge technology to make your site work for you. The impact of your user interface coupled up with its usability needs to be flawlessly so as to provide the right information and representation of your company.

Business Website Development
We build custom developed business websites to help you reach specific business goals. We expand your business on the internet & let your customers know how good your products are.

We also offer database driven websites allowing the administrator to manage the content of various aspects of your site.

Administrative Support
On the completion of the development process, we also offer services that help our clients to reach their intended audience. We provide professional and administrative support for your virtual environment so that you can maintain your site with no additional costs.

Web and IT Consultancy Our unique approach to your communication needs through consultancy will take your business to the next level. Whatever you require, we will be your partner, your mentor, and will knowledgeably direct and evaluate your project.

Enterprise Solutions
Our enterprise applications provide you with applications that run on a server which simultaneously provides services to a large number of users, typically over a computer network.

At Soft Solutions Concept, we believe in quick, agile development that empowers you and promotes your business. We are a purely .NET solutions provider and thus our solutions are built on standards such as HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, .NET Framework, Adobe Macromedia suites, SQL Server, CMS Tools, Web Compliant Standards and Best Practices that allow us to easily integrate data sources and applications. Our development process ensures that you are involved at every stage of the process.

We take the time to focus and understand what questions you want answered, and then customize the technology to meet your needs; not the other way around. That’s why we have consistently beat our budget and deadlines for delivery with all of our clients to date.